Wealth Management & Investment Solutions

In partnership with Assante, our investment division is Fincor Wealth Planning Group which provides investment solutions and wealth management services. We are experienced advisors in wealth planning which encompasses a variety of financial areas including investment solutions, retirement income planning, taxation, etc.

We develop and manage investment portfolios by utilizing Canada’s best investment firms and solutions to help you achieve your investment and retirement goals. We provide independent, objective advice on investment planning matters and aim to provide best in class performance to our clientele.

We provide ongoing service and keep our clients informed and updated regularly to ensure performance and suitability over the longer term. We ensure our client’s portfolios are tax efficient and have competitive expenses. Most of our client portfolios are setup under a fee-based approach which allows excellent flexibility, fee transparency and tax deduction in some circumstances. We manage corporate savings for many businesses and have experience in handling corporate investment accounts.

We have partnered with Assante Financial Management Ltd. as our investment dealer for Fincor Wealth Planning Group. Founded in 1995, Assante is one of Canada’s largest firms providing wealth management solutions. Our 830 professional advisors, located in communities throughout the country, have approximately $43 billion of Canadian’s family wealth under their care.

We are pleased to provide investment solutions and investment planning services to you.  Feel free to contact us for a second opinion on your portfolio.

Our Investment Partners Include:

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