Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits Plans

Offering a competitive employee benefits package will help you attract and retain quality staff. It shows you’re a fair and caring employer, gives employees peace of mind, and allows everyone to do a great job at work. Whether you have a few employees, hundreds, or thousands, offering a comprehensive benefit plan is an investment with a good return for business owners.

Fincor Financial creates and manages employee benefits plans for businesses of any size. We partner with major group insurance providers to offer plans tailored to your company and employee’s needs.

What’s included in an employee benefits plan?

There are several options for employee benefits, and it’s essential to find benefits that suit your business and employees best. Plans typically cover all or a percentage of these health and dental service fees. Here are some, but certainly not all, of the benefits that are often included in a well-rounded plan:

Eyecare: Coverage for annual eye exams, prescription glasses and contact lenses.

Dental: Coverage for non-cosmetic, basic dental services, including teeth cleaning, check-ups and dental work. Some packages include orthodontic care.

Prescription drugs: Coverage for drugs prescribed by a doctor.

Health and wellness therapies: A portion or all fees for services like physiotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture and mental health counselling.

Life insurance coverage: Employee benefits plans can include life insurance, critical illness insurance and short and long-term disability coverage.

Want to learn about all the benefits you can offer your employees? Your Fincor advisor will help you choose the best employee benefits plan for your business size, employees and unique needs.

Working with Fincor

As part of our employee benefits service, we provide ongoing advice to ensure you get the most for your employees at the best price. We will negotiate with our insurance partners to provide the best possible pricing for your company benefits.

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